Patent Translations

English-German and German-English translations of patent specifications have always been a focal point of Vinzenz Spyra's translation activities. Vinzenz has translated over 4,000 patent applications, specializing in physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics. His experience in this field is of considerable benefit to patent attorneys, national and international patent offices as well as corporations.

In terms of the nature of intellectual property, Vinzenz Spyra attaches great importance to confidentiality. In contracts with clients, an undertaking to maintain confidentiality is included as a matter of course. In order to increase the level of security, arrangements can be made for the electronic transfer of files using high level encryption technology.

Services can be quoted by the word, by the line or on a fixed price basis. Delivery can be electronic, by fax, courier, or by any method chosen by the client.

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